Do you have a frequently dirty car? Does your car scream, “clean me”?! Are your friends always telling you, “your car needs a deep scrub!” If this is your vehicle, then this contest is for you.

Here’s your chance to win a 10-pack of FREE car washes ($140 value) or a 6-month membership to our Unlimited Wash Club ($179 value).

How do I enter?

Email a photo of the exterior of your vehicle to

When is the last day to submit photos?

March 31, 2021 by 5 p.m.

Does it have to be my vehicle?

No, it could be an immediately family member’s vehicle.

Who will pick the winner?

Our panel of TigerWash judges will determine who has the dirtiest car around town! Winner will be announced on the TigerWash Facebook page.

What types of vehicles are excluded?

Motorcycles, scoots and any vehicle over 90 inches tall.

Interested in signing up for our Unlimited Wash Club? Complete our interest form here.