Wash, Wax and Shine Your Vehicle
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Your car deserves the best

We are a growing chain of state-of-the-art car washes in Central Virginia. Our mission is to brighten your wash experience by providing exceptional customer service and delivering a clean, dry and shiny car.

Grace for vets logo

We Support Our Service Members

We are proud to offer a free car wash to all active and retired military every Veteran’s Day.

Drive with pride in a clean car

Express tunnel

Wash, wax and shine your vehicle in under 3- minutes in our 90-foot tunnel! Sit back, relax and experience an LED light show that will dazzle.

Soft-Touch Wash

Soft-touch foam brushes with foam detergent and conditioner that reaches the hard-to-get places on your vehicle!

Touchless washes

High-pressure jets with water and detergents to make your car shine!

Self-service bays

Save time and effort in washing your vehicle – all of the materials you might need are already prepared for you!

Air and vacuum available at all locations
What Our Customers Have to Say
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