Did you know a car wash can be a fun AND beneficial fall activity?

Here in Charlottesville, we’re native to numerous fall activities that can dirty a car up. There’s apple picking at Graves Mountain and Carter Mountain, or pumpkin picking at Chiles. Even corn mazes, like the largest corn maze in the country, Liberty Mills, which consists of 12 miles of mazes. Those gravel roads can coat your car in dust and grime within seconds.

Charlottesville also has numerous breweries and wineries, most of which, have long gravel roads. Where are we going with this? Well, Charlottesville’s most fun fall activities leave your car BEGGING for a wash. Not only does a good wash leave your car looking shinier, but there are also numerous benefits of a car wash that you may not know about.

 Protect Your Paint Job

First, regular car washing protects a car’s paint job. The dirt and grime of everyday use or traveling on gravel roads to enjoy fall foliage, if left untreated, can eat away at your paint. While you may not notice it, the grime sits there slowly destroying your car’s paint.

Improve Your Fuel Efficiency 

Second, regular washing improves fuel efficiency. As crazy as it sounds, the dirt that collects on your car increases drag, which causes it to use more fuel. While you may say to yourself, “Well I don’t want to spend my money on a car wash”, in the end it could be saving you money on fuel to pay for that wash.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value 

Third, regular washing maintains the resale value of your car. As stated above, pollen, dirt, and dust can slowly eat away at your car and therefore decrease its value. By maintaining consistent washing, you’re able to rest in the fact that you’re ensuring your car’s financial value.

Take a Closer Look at Your Ride  

Fourth, when taking the time to wash your car, you or your car wash associate can notice any issues that may be wrong with your vehicle. Think about it. When is another time that you’re completely focused on your car other than when you’re washing it? The answer is never, so taking the time to have it washed could save you money on an ongoing issue you weren’t originally aware of.

Improve Driving Visibility

Fifth, regular washing improves visibility, which is especially important during the fall months. Increased pollen and rain decrease visibility whether you’re aware of it or not. By taking the time to get a good wash, you’re increasing your own driving safety and protecting the drivers around you.

Suck Up the Grime

And our high-powered vacuums at our wash locations, allow you to clean the leaves, pollen and dirt that build up inside your car.

You wash everything else that is important to you. Yourself, your kids, your pets, your house, even the food you put in your body. Why wouldn’t you take the time to wash a similarly large investment and your mode of everyday transportation?

Want to Wash Every Day? Join Unlimited Wash Club! 

Did you know you could wash your car every day with our unlimited wash club? Plans start at $19.99/month and include an unlimited number of washes, no contracts and no cancellation fees. Your car will thank you!

Before the Wash…


Coated in dust, mud, and grass after driving through Carter Mountain.


After the Wash…


Sparkly, clean ride after a trip through our Mill Creek TigerWash.




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